Natalya is an enthusiast and passionate Violin/Viola, a musician with 25+ years of professional experience, her background is a life of dedication to the music including but not limited to classical, pop, and jazz.
Her musical journey started at the high school music of the Uzbekistan National Music Academy for pupils and completed her music education at the Ukrainian College of Music where she graduated with specialist diploma/qualification for “Violin/Viola Performer and Music Teacher“.

Performing at the Ukrainian Theatre of Musical Drama and Comedy in the first place and subsequently at the Ukrainian Philharmonic Society for twenty-two years as a Viola, as a Violinist and Band Leader, playing for the most famous cruise ship companies such as Royal Caribbean and MSC, travelling around the world for six years, elevated music knowledge and competence to an international level.

She has participated in the Ukraine Philharmonic’s project Music for Kids, performing in school and nurseries inviting kids to draw how they feel the music, dancing to understand the rhythm, guessing the melody, explaining the different sounds of the instruments, involving them in conducting the music.

Her United Kingdom experience started four years ago, becoming self- employed of Natalya Strings, organising, managing, and performing gigs around the UK, teaching students different ages, levels, and abilities.
The daily commitment and perseverance, the interpersonal attitude with people of different backgrounds and nationalities, the infinite love for kids, and the music are her outstanding skills.

Natalya’s lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and requirements, particularly where following the traditional grade Exam System alone may fall short in offering a well rounded musical experience. In particular, Natalya has more than two decades of experience playing in an orchestra, 28 years of professional experience as a musician, five years of teaching experience, and a superb relationship-building attitude.

Natalya is looking forward to welcome you.

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